CMaps Analytics is a suite of solutions for creating geographic visualization and analytics using your secured business data, directly within your existing business intelligence investment.

Whether you are designing geo dashboards for executives or deploying mobile analytics for your sales organization, CMaps Analytics' suite provides an engaging, consumer maps experience designed from the ground up for your business intelligence and productivity needs.

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Featured Solution

CMaps Plugin V4.1

formerly GMaps Plugin

CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards

- Plug and play location analytics for SAP BusinessObjects

- Embed into SAP Mobile BI, Web Intelligence, and Design Studio

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Why Maps?

Learn how your organization leverage location data to uncover trends that are otherwise invisible.


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Challenge Us!

We have a team of business intelligence gurus on hand to help make you mapping requirements a reality. Contact our sales team, and we will help you jumpstart your geo analytics initiative and make you a location intelligence guru!

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CMaps Analytics Suite

For SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius)

Instant geo visualization embedded right inside of your business intelligence dashboards.

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For SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI

Consumer friendly Google Maps experience with powerful geo-visualization inside of your existing mobile dashboards.

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For SAP Web Intelligence - Coming Soon

CMaps analytics and WebI together at last. With BI4, your business users gain geographic analysis directly inside of your Business Intelligence reports.

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Mobile Location Intelligence Platform

Track events, monitor assets, and analyze changing business conditions all related to geography, from the comfort of your iPad.

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Indoor Analytics

The next frontier of location analytics is indoors, allowing your organization to track consumer engagement with operational and financial performance.

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Batch Geocoding

Quickly convert address data to latitude / longitude and increase your location intelligence App performance up to 150%

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Centigon Gurus Learning Resources

Evolve your business intelligence skills and become a location analytics guru. Then guide your organizations' Geo-analysis initiative.

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Custom Applications & Platforms

Does your business or mobile app need location analytics? CMaps Analytics SDK provides powerful analysis features required for business intelligence applications. Work with Centigon Solutions experienced team to embed geo analytics inside of any HTML5 based platform.

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